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Therapeutic Gaming Social Skills Groups

In the recent years, tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) have expanded to include new games, environments, and players. This growth has lead to awareness that RPGs and other games are more than just a great way for friends to have fun together; they also have therapeutic benefits that include personal growth and social and educational awareness (Berkenstock & Blakley, 2019). For example, RPGs involve imagination, creative problem-solving, risk-taking, empathy, advocating for yourself, communication, and perspective-taking, just to name a few (Berkenstock & Blakley, 2019).

In our therapeutic gaming social skill groups, we help players that struggle with social skills to be in a supportive environment to learn, practice, and witness others engaging in social skills through game-play. In our current groups, we provide the platform for players to make team choices and work through the consequences. We model and coach on in-the-moment social skills to help our players thrive and grow.

We currently offer a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) social skills group for teenagers and young adults that meets Thursdays from 6-8pm. This two hour group costs $65. We also offer a Kids on Bikes social skills groups for middle schoolers Mondays 2-3pm that costs $35. Both groups are currently engaged in a campaign, so please contact the office about your next available chance to join.

We are actively considering other RPGs and table-top games to include in our therapeutic gaming social skills groups. Be on the lookout for new offerings coming soon.

Please check back in for updated dates or contact the office at 770-726-9624 or for more information.