The Three Questions

Imagine that you've just discovered that your middle schooler hasn't be turning in any of her homework and has been lying to you about it.  You're probably furious and want to yell, take her phone away, and ground her for the rest of her life, right?!  Before you do that, take a moment and [...]

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The Purpose of Discipline

Let’s face it. Parenting is hard!  You are not alone if sometimes you have trouble getting your child to finish his or her homework or refrain from fighting with a sibling.  You’re not alone if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when your little one is having an uncontrollable meltdown in the most public of all [...]

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How Is Your Engine Running?

Many parents have witnessed their child or someone else’s child experience the meltdown of a life time. Maybe it happened in the grocery store because you didn’t give in to their desire to have a piece of candy or maybe it happened at home because he or she wanted a few more minutes of [...]

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The Importance of Friendships

Every parent knows that school and neighborhood friendships are incredibly important.  Friends are largely responsible for enriching our lives, boosting our self-esteem, and supporting us in reaching our goals.  They are often the shoulder we cry on when we experience life’s troubles. Learning how to form successful friendships is a critical skill that kids will [...]

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