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Getting started is simple. You may contact us through or call the Marietta office at 770-726-9624. We will set up an initial meeting to learn more about the specific needs and desired treatment outcomes for the individual. This initial intake session costs $225 and lasts 75-90 minutes. Click the “Adult Paperwork” or “Child Paperwork” buttons to view and print the initial meeting paperwork.

For adult clients, the initial meeting is a time to meet your therapist, give background information, and set goals for treatment.

For child therapy, the parents and child come in for the initial meeting to discuss the child’s needs, give background information, as well as discuss goals. The next step is to have a behavioral observation of the child. We then set the next steps for therapy. Typically, we meet on a weekly basis for a 50 minute session.

For all of our groups, we have the individual or parent and child come in for the initial meeting. During this time, we interview the individual or parent and child and conduct a behavior observation. We also gather background information and determine the specific needs of the individual. We then decide if group therapy is the right treatment modality. If group work is deemed appropriate, then we work to connect the individual with the best fit. We are always starting new groups and work hard to match each individual to an appropriate group. When matching groups we look at age, clinical diagnosis, developmental ability, and individual goals. Typically, an individual is in a group for a year. Changes should start to emerge within three months. Yet, these changes are dependent on each individuals ability to adapt to change and willingness to accept feedback.

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